Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 I thought I can be strong , but I'm wrong. I thought I wouldn't drop a single tear , but I'm wrong again. But I believe I'm okay. I understand I respect , doesn't mean I give up :') 

Pengalaman , percintaan yang manis tidakku akan lupakan , perjalanan yang ditemani olehmu amat dihargai dan kekal dihatiku. Detik-detik yang manis , pahit ,sedih mahupun gembira akan ku ingati , tidakku akan lupakanmu yang pernah menemaniku menjalani hidupku selama 5 bulan 21 hari ... Jodoh yang ditamati walaupun menyedihkan hatiku , tetapi masihku dapat merasai perasaan cinta yang setia , perasaan kisah tentangku ..Pernahku merasa marah dan tidak suka padamu , akhirnya ku sedar bahawa , persoalan percintaan , tidaklah sesiapa yang silap :') Walaupun kita telah berpisah , tidak bermakna ku melepaskanmu.. Walaubagaimanapun , aku masih cinta pada mu <3

The Last And Only Picture With My Beloved ;D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Graduation :")

好的事情 也许能够重复 :')
We're ohkayy <3 Couple like usual !
Friends, I'm sorry to make you guys worried about me ! Special thanks to Babe Ah Ann for cheer-ing me up those days ! :) She accompany me , made me laugh , asking me to cheer , and webbie with me..sweet moments <3
And sure my school buddies who cheer me up :) And my darling which advise me , eventhough is failed but it's ohkay >0<

Lastly, I'm finally back together with him..It's Form5 graduation day tomorrow , well , people do ask me how I feel and bla bla bla.. Yeahh, I'm half sad half happy actually :| Sad because you gonna leave me :( and happy because you're finally graduate and I'm proud to see that (:
In other words, I'll still pray for you,goodluck in your future and happy graduation day my boy ! :3


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


5个月07天,我们的爱情结束了。 My tears fall again, wonder when can it stop falling? I couldn't control it. I did't let go of your hand no matter what happens that's what I promised. But..That's not a promise anymore, because you've broke it..I didn't blame you for making this decision. Blame myself for not being strong, blame myself for not giving you enough of loving.

Note: I'll still pray for you eventhough you're not my bf.分手快樂, 祝妳快樂

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exams kills my mood !

Perdagangan marks gonna drop? Hope not ! :) Sleeping during exams, feels not bad guys . It's so quiet and no people disturb you during your sleep time <33 eko 2moro, study babeh !

Happy5MonthsAnniDear <33 I'm little bit of dissapointed that you didn't turn up to school today, you said you'll come every month during 19 , but why?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Raining / Hot weather. Just finished my 1 week exams. Still got 1 more week TT Have done with my bm papers, EST, English, Sejarah, P.Moral, and Maths. Pray hard for my maths and sejarah! Bet gonna fail again this term !

Hope everyhing goes well ! Left how many days till the school end? :( I don't want to count neither to know it ! Countdown three more days for our 5Months<33
Wish you're here for me, I wanna hig you tightly.

I'm big enough to be independent on my ownself. Viicky Lee , remember to be strong ! There's always a way to solve everything..Don't cry, you're a big girl =)

Tomorrow off to sg.Wang ! <3

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I care. I mind.

Back for my blogging using phone. Too much of things to say. I've to find a place for me to say out all the things in my heart. I don't want it to 'bom' in a day :) Many things trouble me up nowadays.

Family problems. Is Saturday still a family day for 'lee's family'? Supposed?I wonder. I couldn't say too much, it's private, and here's public. :(

Friendship , does this last long forever?I believe there's miracle between friends, us --> *darlings* , the best examples after all. Buddy who use harsh and rude words really hurts me, sometimes I might keep it but do you guys understand how hurt it is?
Relationship, love problems. Days by days, time passing too fast. My tear drop everytime when I started to count how many days tills the day you graduate, in other words 'you gonna leave me'..I don't want all this to happen, but I must accept the fact. :"( it's too hard for me. You couldn't understand how I feel baby. I always used to flashback our sweet moments, the thing we've gone to..it's so loving/touching. No matter what, I'll still pray for you my love <3

p/s : -exam is around, focus?
p/s : Happy Birthday Darling Yaul <3
Imma Love You ! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

中秋节快乐 '11

中秋节快乐 , time passed too fast , can I turned back ? T.T Anywhere , play some candles with my brother and sisters yesterday , play until half then raining , sobs ! Show you guys some happy moments picture here (^w^)

Good Luck for your trial dear
Never give up easily because of anything , I'll by your side and support you
Try hard , love you <3